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Why Chelsea are conceding too many goals



Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino in a recent statement has given reasons the Blues are conceding goals this season.

So far, the Blues have leaked four goals for three straight games, after their 4-1 defeat at Newcastle United on Saturday.

The recent result leaves them in the 10th spot on the league table with just four wins in 13 matches.

Chelsea have already conceded 20 goals in the league this season and the former Paris Saint-Germain manager said: “No one is talking after Manchester City after we conceded four, like Manchester City.

“The amount we concede is because we need to be more focused and concentrated. Today we concede so easily the goals. That’s why we are disappointed with that.

“It’s a thing that we always talk about and try to be solid in our defensive line. It’s not only about the defensive line. It’s about our performance as a group, like a team.”

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