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Transfer News: There’s No Doubt Chelsea and Man United Would Launch A Transfer Bid For Kai Havertz



There’s No Doubt Chelsea and Man United Would Launch A Transfer Bid For Kai Havertz

KAI HAVERTZ is the real deal and fresh homegrown talent in Germany, with Chelsea, Liverpool and both Manchester clubs enthused about bringing him to England.

So SunSport ran the standard over Bayer Leverkusen’s £70million-rated goal scorer against Borussia Monchengladbach — and two-goals Havertz surely satisfied everyone’s expectations.

Kai Havertz Celebrating A Goal For Bayer Leverkusen

The thing all strikers are judged by… and it took seven minutes to reach a verdict.

Kai Havertz, 20, played a key role in the move for the opener and when Moussa Diaby slid him in, he completed coolly with his “wrong” right foot between the legs of manager Yann Sommer.

Like Robin van Persie in appearance and, in time, he could prove similarly deadly.

Held his nerve for his second from the spot as well, in spite of a long VAR check.

It is one thing having an eye for the goal but another in knowing when, why and how to make the correct run.

Havertz as of now looks an old head in that regard and his consistently in a hurry approach makes him a misery to defend against.

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One minute he was making a angled run through the left wing, the following he was searing down the right, teeing up chances for Diaby and Kerem Demirbay.

Indeed, even in the center, he was not static, dropping short and leaving space for other people or getting a shot away given any little opportunity.

Could play anyplace in the front three.

A wiry edge proposes he could be an obvious target for defenders.

In any case, don’t be tricked — when they attempted to mess him up, he ricocheted back up and continued ahead with it.

Continually ready to offer himself as a target, sufficiently able to hold up the ball and OK with being a leader.

You can perceive any reason why he is captain, even at his young age.

So regularly the rawness of the English class has been a severe shock for imports however you get the impression he would savor the battle.

He might be the point of convergence of the team however Havertz has no issue placing in a move and doing the “grimy” work.

In the event that the Monchengladbach backline harped ready, he was raging at their heels.

Suggestive of Ian Rush, who was the first line of defence for the incomparable Liverpool sides of old, which makes Havertz a manager’s fantasy.

Also, when Leverkusen were In possession, he was similarly as glad to make runs or drop short and open up space for midfielders like Demirbay.

Most kids of 20 are a lot of a harsh diamond however while he is a long way from the completed article, Havertz is as skirt a player as you will see at his age.

It’s anything but an issue of whether those intrigued Premier League clubs should make a move, progressively an instance of would they be able to get in first?

Havertz will be the real deal… and he isn’t far shy of it as of now.

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