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Transfer News: Chelsea move for Timo Werner is perfect for all connected



Chelsea move for Timo Werner is perfect for all connected

Deal to take RB Leipzig star Timo Werner to Chelsea is an ideal game plan for all connected.

Ideal for the player, ideal for the Blues, ideal for RB Leipzig, who would cost £53m, and ideal for Liverpool also.

He’s a decent, strong striker with guarantee — an all-rounder who holds the ball up well, is portable, gets into the case and scores goals.

Be that as it may, the Liverpool fans wailing about passing up him can save me the tears since he’s not Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and the manner in which some have responded, you’d be excused for intuition he was a type of resurrection of both.

This isn’t to thump Timo Werner or Chelsea on the grounds that they’re a breaking fit for one another as of right now, and the Stamford Bridge dedicated ought to be enchanted they have him.

He will improve their young team, making them strong top-four contenders and a side that will dive deep in household and European cup competitions.

Frank Lampard is building a fine young team side and if he gets Leicester City left back Ben Chilwell, at that point they will have had a generally excellent summer.

Liverpool are the European champions, title holders and prospective Premier League champions, and there would be enormous weight on him as the mid year’s marquee signing at Anfield on the rear of all that.

Include the way that Liverpool as of now have seemingly the best-adjusted front three in the world and I’m battling to see where Timo Werner would have fitted in.

I wouldn’t have seen him dislodging any of them and, given everything that group has done together, I could even have seen him slumping.

Since strolling into that changing area would have been enormously scary for a 24-year-old.

At Chelsea, however, he will glance around and see Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud, and think, ‘Truly, great players, but I’ll have that challenge’.

What’s more, close by Tammy Abraham and the club’s different youths you can see him making the following strides in his turn of events.

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Now and then in football, you need to ask yourself where you are in your career and, reasonable play to him, he hopes to have done that.

With respect to the thought that Jurgen Klopp couldn’t pay Timo Werner’s fee, I’m certain there is a component of the Kop manager not having any desire to seem pretentious or louche in the present atmosphere.

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