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EPL: Man City is the best team in England – Tuchel confirms



Ahead of the Blues Premier League clash vs Man City on Saturday, coach Thomas Tuchel has named Man City as the best in England.

Despite the fact Tuchel led the Blue to victory against Man City in the UCL final last season, the German coach believes the Pep Guardiola led Man City squad are the benchmark for all other EPL teams.

Tucuel stressed that the Citizens are very strong, consistent, and perform on the absolute highest level in every game.

The Blues boss, in a pre-match statement on Friday, said, “They are the benchmark, the best team in England right now. This is something we have to admit realistically. We don’t think a lot in scenarios what happens if. Let’s play the game. I am always ready for a good fight but also very realistic.

“If you look back to the last games, when we have the full squad feel good and are in a good shape, we are always up for a good fight with Man City. We are always there to push them to the limit and ask some questions maybe they don’t like maybe to answer.

“But the situation is that they are very strong, very consistent, and perform on the absolute highest level so this is it. So this is it.”

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