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Chelsea boss reveals the formation that will bring the best out of his players



Frank Lampard has insisted that he will stick to his principles as he tries to get the team back on track after a poor showing during the festive period.

Chelsea have failed to live up to their good start to the Premier League as they’ve been dropping valuable points both home and away.

Despite qualifying for the UEFA Champions League round of 16 unbeaten, Frank Lampard and his team lost three matches in December, drawing one and winning just one.

This has led to outcry by some pundits as they urged the English trainer to change his tactics so as to yield better results.

However, Frank Lampard while addressing the press ahead of their first match of 2020 stated that he’s not stupid to listen to any opinion from critics.

He stated that he knows that the team need to get results and they want to get results but does he need to change things?

According to the former Chelsea midfielder, things need to be changed a little bit, he tweak things but he never think he’s cracked it or that a result had nothing to do with him.

He noted that in order to get the necessary results, a manager has to search but also have to stick to their principles because sometimes the things that get lauded when you do well get criticised when you don’t purely because of the result.

Lampard who will be hoping his team get all three points against Manchester City on Sunday stated that he enjoys pressure as if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have got back into this.

He would have walked away at the first chance and that’s something he’ll never do.

Though he agreed that he’s not happy with his team current form, he, however, noted that the situation has made him more focus as he learnt more in defeat and tough moments.

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